Wednesday, 30 April 2008

In Brief

Home Office Ministers accused

By Nqobile Mafu

Home Office ministers had been accused by both the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats of letting down Zimbabwean refugees who have fled to Britain in fear of persecution at home. With tension high in Zimbabwe in the run-up to the presidential election in March, several members of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) have been killed by government supporters. Despite this, a number of applications for political asylum by Zimbabwean opposition members had been rejected. A Zimbabwean who wanted to remain anonymous but is currently living at the Tinsley House detention centre near Gatwick airport, has had his application for asylum rejected and was due to be deported on New Year's Eve. Although his deportation has been temporarily suspended, he fears that as a member of the MDC he will be beaten and persecuted if he returns to Zimbabwe - "I left home because I was being persecuted because of my political opinions…I know that if am I to be returned home it is imminent death."

Zambian top official suspended against Mugabe’s cruelty

A TOP official from Zambia's governing party was suspended on Wednesday after he called for the forcible removal from power of Robert Mugabe, the president of neighbouring Zimbabwe.
Geoffrey Chumbwe, chairman of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy for Lusaka province, was suspended with immediate effect after President Levy Mwanawasa expressed his concern at his remarks, said the MMD's acting chairman.
"As a party, we regret this irresponsible statement," the acting chairman Jeff Kande said.
"In view of the serious nature of the statement, Chumbwe has been suspended with immediate effect until further notice."

Mugabe Must GO!

The situation in Zimbabwe is so stance caused by this cruel leader famous known as "King of Africa" some call him "African Hitler". Mugabe I believe now he is out of his mind because things which
he talks and do it cant be done by an normal person.the opposition leader Mor
gan tsvangirai is trying by all means to get ready of Mugabe. he is appealing to the International community to try something before its to let.

Friday, 4 April 2008

Mugabe depands on his Military

By Nqobile Mafu

MDC had been forced to go to court after the failure by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to announce the presidential results five days after polling ended.

Chamisa said: “We have taken the matter to the High Court, our lawyers wrote to the commission advising it of our wish to have the results announced immediately. This has not happened and the commission must explain why.” Mugabe had arrange a emergency meeting with his top members concerning his future as President and the future of Zimbabwe