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Arts is our pride

Siyaya Arts was started as Nostalgic Actors & Singers Alliance ('NASA) by a small group of five young performers, led by the late Mike Sobiko interested in creating new theatre and music in Makokoba Township in the City of Bulawayo Zimbabwe. The company changed its name to Siyaya Arts, during the 10th anniversary of the founding of NASA. Saimon Phiri was born in 1975 and raised in Nguboyenja. Most people prefer to call him Mbazo. Since his seven fell in love with the arts. “My parents wanted the best and gave me an education other kids could not afford.” Said Mambazo an ambitious self-driven young man has propelled Siyaya Arts from a locally focused group into a dynamic arts act that has earned a global reputation and international awards along the way.

Saimon Mambazo Phiri did not only seek to elevate the group to a higher plane but his ambitious streak moved him to create an institution around Siyaya with the formation of Ibumba Festival, Sabela Music Projects and a publishing project.
Siyaya's founding member and director has written himself into arts history books with his innovative ideas. They have already signed a publishing deal with one of highly recommended imbube group in Zimbabwe, Black Umfolosi. Mambazo said “they will write their biography.”

Siyaya has been touring for the past recent activities have transmitted Siyaya Arts into a unique multi-performance arts company, as evidenced by participation in diverse arts events. To date we have produced more than ten plays and musical which have been performed in most parts of Zimbabwe, venues and festivals in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Ghana, Scotland, England, Wales and Germany. Phiri says now it’s time to shine and focus on the local market and his dream is to publish more groups’ biography and arts books.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Open Letter To The PM

Be Wary of Women, Honorable Prime Minister

Dear Honorable Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai,

Honorable Prime Minister, who you date or marry, must be your private affair— regrettably, this is not the case; you are a public figure and nothing you do is private anymore. Less than a week after your marriage or purported marriage to Locadia Karimatsenga Tembo, so much has already been written and said about it. The reasons for the furore are clear: First, Locadia’s sister Beatrice Nyamupinga is the ZANU-PF MP for Goromonzi West. Second, Beatrice’s husband Felix Nyamupinga is also ZANU-PF. He is currently Zimbabwe’s deputy Ambassador to Australia.

It hurts me to see another man stumble and fall; I felt obliged to remind you that women can build or destroy a man. Honorable Prime Minister, let me make this point crystal clear right from the onset, lest you get me wrong; I am in no way judging your Locadia. Honestly, who am I to judge her? All I am trying to do is to kindly remind you that often, women can be a man’s demise. In that attempt, I will give you a few examples, one of which is most likely to invoke lots of emotions.

Honorable Prime Minister, the late Learnmore Jongwe was a founding member of the MDC, and was one of its shining and rising stars. He was young, educated, gifted and had a very promising political career ahead of him. However, because of a woman, his life came to a premature and tragic end. Learnmore caught his wife with another man, and he could not take it—he brutally murdered her. In vain, he tried to take his own life. He was thrown in prison where he died under very mysterious circumstances: May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Many people claim that Learnmore Jongwe’s case is a classic CIO sting operation: some say the woman was a CIO plant; a CIO agent; or money was a factor, etc. Honorable Prime Minister, I will spare you any speculation since you know the details better. Whatever happened, it is irrefutable that the woman was Learnmore Jongwe’s undoing.

Pius Ncube—a man of the cloth, was a fierce critic of President Mugabe’s rule or should I say misrule. Many people claim that ZANU-PF prescribed an antidote for him. You recall what happened; another CIO sting operation. The state owned newspapers were dramatically transformed into tabloids: Stories and pictures of Pius Ncube and a ‘married’ woman with whom he had an affair were splashed in the papers for all to see. ‘Father Pius Ncube was supposed to attend to the spiritual needs of the woman, and not her fleshly needs— if not his own,’ was the chorus. The Vatican had no choice but to intervene. Pius Ncube had broken his celibacy vows. Honorable Prime Minister, am I the only one who sees some similarities between the two cases?

Honorable Prime Minister, I know that you are a God fearing man. The bible is replete with stories of pious and powerful man whose downfall were women. First, Adam, the father of the human race, who was God’s friend, was deceived by Eve— the mother of the human race. Eve persuaded Adam to eat from the tree of knowledge, and Adam did so. You know the consequences; God unceremoniously kicked them out of the Garden of Eden. Eve’s actions, rather, Adam’s actions, had disastrous consequences not only for him, but for the entire human race.

Second, when Samson fell for the seductive (and may be sensual) Delilah, it marked the beginning of his downfall and eventual demise. Once the rich and powerful Philistine rulers got wind of the affair, they immediately paid Delilah a visit. In their quest to capture Samson, the Philistine leaders offered Delilah attractive sums of money for her to collaborate with them in a plot to discover the secret of Samson’s great strength. Using her powers of seduction and deception, Delilah wore down Samson with her repeated requests, until he finally disclosed the source of his strength. Once the wicked Delilah knew Samson’s secret, she devised a devious plan with the Philistine rulers. While Samson peacefully slept on her lap, Delilah called in a collaborator to shave off the seven braids of his hair. Subdued and weak, poor Samson was captured.

It is indisputable that Samson’s infatuation with Delilah made him gullible to the point of being stupid. Questions may be asked: why did Samson constantly fall for her deceptive ways, until he crumbled and give in? Why didn’t Samson see through the deception?

Honorable Prime Minister, I am in no way saying or suggesting that your Locadia is Deliliah. NO! Who am I to judge her? All I am humbly saying is that what we learn from Samson’s story is how his enemies used Deliliah not only to get to him, but to get him (my dear sisters, please forgive me).

Third, Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal, the king of the Sidonians, and the wife of King Ahab of Israel. Jezebel goes down in biblical history as the very worst example of evil: In fact, she was an incarnation of the devil himself! She committed extremely horrendous crimes against innocent people, particularly those who were faithful and obedient to God. Jezebel was an ardent worshiper of the pagan god Baal, and she attempted a religious coup d’├ętat in Israel. As queen of Israel, she attempted to force her god upon the Israelites in the most brutal and deadly fashion. King Ahab made very little effort to stop her—in fact, he was an accomplice. He built a pagan temple for Jezebel in the capital city of Samaria and allowed prophets of Baal and prophets of Asherah to eat at the royal table. Moreover, Jezebel murdered as many of God’s prophets as she could find. The rest were forced to seek refuge in caves.

Also, Jezebel made sure she had her way all the time. True to form, she arranged the stoning to death of Naboth because she wanted his vineyard for a vegetable garden for her husband, Ahab the King.
Indeed, Ahab and Jezebel are an excellent example of why God prohibited intermarriage—particularly, a politically inspired marriage between the Israelites and the Sidonians. It resulted in the corruption of the King, rather than the conversion of the idolater, Jezebel. Honorable Prime minister, I hope you see my drift!

In conclusion, Honorable Prime minister, I am deeply worried that if you are not wary, women may destroy you, and regrettably, together with the MDC-T.


Calisto Mudzingwa

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Felix Tours T/A Nolwazi Tours

Captain Japajapa

It was a joke of the year after Northampton Magistrates Court issued the man himself captain Japajapa a five years Criminal Anti- social Behaviour Order. It is believed that captain Japajapa is causing seriously hazards by peeing and defecates himself when his drunk. He has been banned for using any public places in the UK.

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Pasi parohwa nenyundo zvechokwadi!!! Vari muHarare makambozvinzwawo here??

By Chacks Mutingwende

Beware of Private Car Drivers - some of them are eating human
intestines along the journey

A man who was travelling from Harare going to Bindura died before

arrival after boarding a Toyota Ipsum at the intersection of Sam
Nujoma (formerly 2nd Street Extension) and Hebert Chitepo in Harare.
He died because "he did not have intestines anymore" for they had been

eaten by the owner of this car as they were travelling.

Another school girl who was learning in Harare and staying in
Marondera is being said to have boarded a Mercedes Benz and in that
car were two people, a man and a woman. As they were travelling, this

car is said to have stopped at some butchery that’s about 15 km from
Marondera, the owners of the car bought "matumbu nemaguru emombe"
(beef offals) and carried on with their journey.

The girl got the shock of her life when she saw these two people

eating that raw meat which had not been cleaned. Upon arrival in
Marondera, she got off the car. When she told her mother about this
shocking detail, that’s when she got sick and was rushed to a private
clinic in Marondera - where she was pronounced dead upon arrival. A post-mortem revealed that her intestines were missing.

In another incident similar to these ones, A man boarded a private car
in Chitungwiza and he was going to Hwedza. This car had a female
driver. After travelling a few kilometers, when they got to

Seke, the woman stopped the car, opened the boot and got some rice
that had "matumbu mambishi" (raw beef offals), and she started eating
as they were travelling. When they reached the junction of Seke road

and Mutare Road, this man requested for recess, he got into one of the
shops that operates there, and told the people what had happened
and begged the shop attendants to hide him so as to
avoid this woman. After some time, the woman is said to have come

into the shop and asked the shop attendant if they had seen this man,
but she was told they had not seen anyone like that. She went back,
started her car and drove away. The shop attendants then went to the
room where they had hidden this man, only to find him dead. After a

post-mortem, it was found that his intestines were missing.

Street word throughout the City of Harare has it that quite a number
of people have experienced this type of death. Another woman died
after boarding a car that was coming from Glen View, going to Mbare.

Another one died after boarding a private car along Robert Mugabe way,
that was going to Mabvuku. In a similar scenario, another man is also
said to have died before reaching Chegutu after encountering this

What’s surprising is that the intestines of all these people were eaten
whilst they were still alive. This tragedy is new to Zimbabwe, but its
believed to have been taking place for quite some time now. Here are

some facts about this tragedy:

■Your intestines are eaten whilst you are alive
■When you see them eating raw meat, they will be eating your intestines
■This is believed to enrich them, somehow.
■If ever you see it then you wont survive

■A post-mortem will reveal that your intestines are missing.

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Samanyemba Final Destination Zhombe

Bob Nyabinde, who is also from Kwekwe and Jah Prayzah entertained mourners, while his band also took to the stage. Dhewa’s body was taken to his rural home in Sesombe, Zhombe, for burial today at 11am.Cars in the convoy played songs from Dhewa’s famous productions and honked through the night in celebration of Kwekwe’s music icon taken too soon.
Fans called on the local authority to name a street after Dhewa to preserve his legacy.

Meanwhile, the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T party yesterday joined the rest of the nation in mourning the passing-on of Moyo, whom it described as one of the party’s supporting pillars.

“The MDC family will not forget the support he gave to our President when Amai Susan Tsvangirai passed away on 6 March 2009. Moyo travelled all the way to Humanikwa village in Buhera to be with President Tsvangirai at his time of grief. Samanyemba may your soul rest in peace

Is “freedom of expression” a desirable and feasible end?

By Nqobile Mafu


It is well known that freedom of expression is an individual opinion which you can say something without any limitation. Also freedom of speech is the freedom to speak any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. This essay will critically analyse the freedom of expression in a desirable and feasible way. When we talk about media we will be talking of freedom of expression. We will be looking on how media is expressing its views to the society. This essay will critically go in depth of different countries and find out if freedom of expression is acceptable.
Mill's arguments for freedom of expression are simple enough. He himself summarizes them as follows: "We can never be sure that the opinion we are endeavouring to stifle is a false opinion; and if we were sure, stifling it would be an evil still." (Mill, 1974.p.76) But if one examines the way in which these arguments are elaborated, one soon discovers that Mill's summary of them is in fact oversimplified

The freedom of expression is very popular in Europe because anything is taken for granted. This essay may suggest that freedom of expression is vital in our society but at the same time it may destroy you. Freedom of choice limits when you harm other people, therefore it affects their freedom of expression. Giving an example of going in a pub and you use vulgar language and you use the word thug some other people may get offended by that.

According to Joel Brinkley article which was published on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 3:00 a.m. state that with financial help from the United States; in Iraq several television stations began broadcasting relatively independent news. After decades of brutal repression, freedom of the press and expression flowered through, of course bombers and militants made life dangerous and harrowing for journalists and everyone else. 170 journalists were killed during the first five years of war.

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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Zimbabwean woman dumped her children in South Africa

Cynthia Tatenda Matingo dumped her 3 year girl and 1 year after she had that she was HIV positive. It is believed that the wife who is light in complexion, slim and tall with a small curve and small rickets from Mufakose Murivanyenze drive.
The couple who married seven years ago only lived apart after the husband relocated to South Africa and the wife who recently joined him in South Africa after giving birth to their second child Junior who became ill on arrival in South Africa. According to the husband the wife got tested and she was found to be HIV positive. The husband was tested several times and was found to be HIV negative. He even went through a PVC Test until the doctors declared them a disconnected couple.
"I accepted things and stuck to my wedding vows, only to be surprised one day last month she took off dumping the kids vowing to spread the virus". Said Baba Tracy
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Musa Kusaaaaaa’fection

Foreign Minister Kusa fled Tripoli as PM David Cameron said the Gaddafi regime was "crumbling" with fear. Tripoli, Libya As Moammar Gadhafi's inner circle showed possible signs of cracking, heavily armed forces loyal to the Libyan leader continued pounding cities that were once some of the country's most prosperous places. Officials and analysts said the surge in firepower from the Libyan government sends a message: Gadhafi is determined to prevail, and defections of some of his high-profile allies are making him nervous.
Proof Kusa came as a 2nd top Libyan official who has turned his back from his boss. While Gaddafi's new UN ambassador Ali Abdel-Salam al-Treki defected to Egypt. Mr Cameron urged other regime leaders: "Go now." A diplomat supporting the opposition said most high-ranking officials are trying to get out. UK and US spies are talking to many of Gaddafi's military and political chiefs.

Exiled Libyan author Giuma Bukleb has doubts about Kusa turn around said: “He was there from year one. “He was a big pillar in the regime. Having him here is going to be ¬problematic for the UK. “Everybody is happy because he is defecting at a critical time. The problem is later on, once everything is sorted out. “Lots of organisations, countries and people are going to hunt him and bring him to justice. “Everything the regime was involved in, Musa Kusa was there and he is a part of it.”

However, government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim denied Mr Kusa had defected, saying “This is not a happy piece of news, but people are saying, “So what? If someone wants to step down that’s his decision.” Kusa worked in high ranking position of the Libyan government.