Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Meet Pibbi

This month Ngiyesabanews takes a look at Pibbi. The man himself was nowhere to be found. He is always busy with his music stuff so the best place to find him was at the studio.
Pibbi the fun of Nelson Mandela and bob Marley

Q: Hi my brother in law it’s been a long time waiting for you in this cold weather, so I came to the studio, anyway how is life?
A: life is good
Q: Pibbi can you tell me where do you live and how long have you been there?
A:I live in Leeds and this is my 5th year.
Q: If you don’t mind, can you tell me how old are you?
A: No! no! I cant tell you I am sorry.
Q: I heard rumours about you, but to be honest with you I don’t believe in rumours; so I want to hear from the horse’s mouth, originally, were do you come from?
A: I am from Caribbean background ya know.
Q: So what can you tell me about your favourite colour, food and so on?
A: I like Caribbean dishes etc rice, peas and fish, my favourite colour is navy blue.
Q: When and why did you become involved in arts industry
A:I use to sing by myself but I got seriously in couple years ago.
Q: Pibbi you are such an interesting person, can you tell me more about your activities? Also who gave you encouragement to get involved in music?
A:I don't have any activities because I am always busy. Talking about encouragement I just saw people doing some stuff and I told myself - I can do better!
Q: How many albums have you produced so far?
A: A reggae mix tape basically its not mastered, I took it straight from the studio, and an album entitled Real Life.
Q: Anyway you know that we can spend all day talking so can you tell me what are your future plans?
A: To do more albums also I am about to finish my first book.
Q: Do you mind if you tell me about your book?
A: This book is entitled “Street Side University”. It’s about the daily routine of life, particular young blacks who misbehave in streets committing crime. I am trying to educate young people about life and encourage them to stay away from drugs and crime.
Q: People have got different dreams, so if you don’t mind can you tell me your dream?
A: My dream is to inspire people with music and that’s what I am doing right now.
Q: Everything has got a beginning and an ending, so what advice can you give to young people out there?
A: Read! read! read.

For more infor:about Pibbi
myspace.com/pibbimuzik or youtube.com/pibbi

From Makokoba to Bradford

Every Sunday the Zimbabwean community get together and play football, while supporters cook a barbecue and socialise. Bulawayo City of Kings FC is a community club based in Bradford city. BCK FC was formed in 2003 representing the Zimbabwean community in Bradford. BCK FC is currently playing in the local league and they also play in mini tournaments with teams from Huddersfield, Manchester, Leeds and Derby
From the streets of Makokoba, Bulawayo, many youngsters dream of coming to Europe and display their talents but lack resources and promoters, so their dreams end up in vain. Our sports correspondent caught up with a striker from BCK FC, Brighton Magaya, a young Zimbabwean player currently living in Bradford, and still in search of his dream.

Brighton is a talented footballer who started his football career back in Zimbabwe at his tender age he used to play street football, kicking plastic papers footballs on the dust of Makokoba. Mr Magaya played for his primary and secondary school teams. He went on to play in the professional junior league; under Stops F.C which was based in his community of Makokoba before coming to the UK.

Magaya last season was the runner up top goal scorer and was also awarded the 2007/08 Best Achievement Award for BCK FC. This season he looks set to scoop the top goal score award. “Now my dream has come true” said Magaya.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Bunandi kill me

Ngiyesabanews team gate crashed to a party which was held at East Park in Leeds. The party was a get together of Zimbabweans and South Africans. One of the part goer said "we are gathered here because we want to ensure that we are one" this party came after South African’s have been in streets chatting slogans carrying machete, guns, sticks harassing and beating immigrants. South Africans where forcing Zimbabweans to go back and vote for 2ndround Presidential election which was held in June. Ngiyesabanews review Mrs Enedy the party organizer said the idea of this party was to bring both south African and Zimbabweans together and forget about the havoc which happened back home.

Friday, 4 July 2008


Strangers into Citizens’ call by church leaders, CITIZENS and MPs for ZIMBABWEAN EXILES to be ALLOWED TO WORK and ACQUIRE SKILLS

Friday, 11 July 2008; ACTION;
11.30 am– 2.30pm; starting at St Margaret’s Church,
Westminster Abbey

12.00 : Service led by Archbishop of York, John Sentamu
1.30pm: Rally and walk to Home Office; Parliament Sq. and South Bank

Britain can best help Zimbabwe in its dark hour by enabling its future leaders to acquire the skills to rebuild the country when the opportunity comes. .Instead, thousands of Zimbabwean exiles in the UK live in limbo – de-motivated and de-skilled, and prevented by law even from working as volunteers.

The STRANGERS INTO CITIZENS campaign is calling for the Home Office to enable Zimbabweans resident in the UK to have:
· Temporary access to work
· Job placement and training

STRANGERS INTO CITIZENS is a campaign by London Citizens (part of the Citizen Organising Foundation) calling for a “pathway into citizenship” for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants in the UK who have been resident in the country for many years. Since it was launched in January 2007, the campaign has secured the support of: t he Liberal-Democrat party; London’s mayor, Boris Johnson; more than 90 MPs of all parties; the Catholic bishops of the UK, as well other church and faith leaders; as well as trade unions, migrant rights groups, charitable associations, and many schools

The Independent Asylum Commission (IAC) is conducting a nationwide citizens’ review of the UK asylum system. Through a series of reports following in-depth hearings and analysis, the Commissioners aim to make credible and workable recommendations for reform that safeguard the rights of asylum seekers but also command the confidence of the British public.
LONDON CITIZENS is the capital’s most diverse community alliance, which includes more than 100 churches, mosques, schools, trade unions and charities. London Citizens teaches the art of politics in action – allowing ordinary people to bring about social change. www.londoncitizens.or