Sunday, 17 August 2008

So! Why?

The Refugee Council are campaigning for the right of asylum seekers to work in the UK. It is a right that is being denied to one of the most vulnerable groups of people living in the UK today. Most asylum seekers they have been in the UK for the past 6 years and they are still waiting for their decision and they are not allowed to get any paid or unpaid job “We leave in fear because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring” said one asylum seeker.

Many journalists seeking asylum have fled persecution in their own countries because of their journalistic work. Also doctors and teachers they come here looking for a place of safety and still want to work but aren't allowed to do so. Is it a crime to be an asylum seeker? Is it a crime to run away from murder, and rape? Is it a crime to ask for your protection? So! Why?