Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Brickz Behind The Bars

The 32-year-old will spend eight more days in the Roodepoort police holding cells after he was remanded in custody. “There is convincing evidence and likelihood that the applicant will intimidate witnesses,” said magistrate Piet Kotze. He also said Brickz (real name Real name Sipho Charles Ndlovu) had lied about his previous conviction
Sipho Charles Ndlovu (aka Brickz), famous for his song Sweety My Baby, was arrested in Joburg on Friday for allegedly raping the girl in Honeydew on March 26. the state has oppose d the bail appeal for Brickz who is facing charges of rape. He allegedly raped a teenage girl in March this year. He was arrested on November 1 and has been in custody since his arrest. “Rape is a Schedule 6 offence which is a very serious case,” In his affidavit Brickz stated that he had no previous conviction but, the state submitted that he was convicted for possession of cocaine in 2007. He was sentenced to four months with an option of a R1000 fine. Half of the sentence was suspended. “On top of a certified copy from the Randburg Magistrate’s Court it is written no admission fine… You were convicted,” Kotze said.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Now is the time to shine

By Nqobile Mafu The Youth Conference of 2013 was held at The Livingstone Apostolic Faith Ministries, Leeds from the 15th -17th November. Many months of preparation came together and we were greeted warmly at the church. As reporting on behalf of the youth, the conference provided abundant space for creative worship and debate. This year was a mixture of group discussions and open debate to allow as many young people as possible to be involved in decision making. A combination of workshops, worship and entertainment made for an exhausting but fantastic weekend. A large number of people were attending for the first time and were very positive about the weekend and the many friends they had made. Some feedback comments included, “Brilliant to meet other young people passionate about the Youth of The Livingstone Church” and “The atmosphere is awesome of !UBBYC Youth”