Sunday, 1 April 2012

How did Aljazeera and BBC Cover Gaddafi’s Death?

By Nqobile Mafu

Television is the most used and popular source of entertainment and education. This report will show/or demonstrate that all media production is produced with an audience in mind. News is the easiest tool of sending messages the most common method of relaying information to the public, This project will analyse how different news organisations, the BBC and Aljazeera, cover the same news story and present it to the viewers, depending upon ideological bias. And how ideological bias is the structure of news organisation. The news story I intend to focus on is the coverage of the Libyan uprising and conflict. (My proposed news organisations are BBC News 24 and Aljazeera). The aim of this research project is to explore the difference in media bias of Aljazeera and BBC This project will look at the broadcast news and how ideological bias makes differences. I will look at how news programmes package information and represent it to the viewer's by giving examples. The main questions which are crucial for my research project are as follows;

What is the content?

How was the news edited?

What's the structure of news?

How do they package their news and present it?

How does the news differ between different news organisations?

Was story the fair? Or biased?

How did the organisation cover their story?

What other theorists have said about media bias.

Without culture society would not exist, in fact, “there is no such thing as a human nature independent of culture”. Jenks, C. Culture. London: Routledge (1993). This dissertation will also analyse how the representation of the nation and Cultural difference was made during Gadhafi’s death.