Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Nkomo signed as well

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, jubilant and cheerful, after signing a power-sharing agreement with his long term enemy President Robert Mugabe and declared his "belief in Zimbabwe and its people runs deeper than the scars I bear from this struggle". The deal was simply the best offer for the both opposition leaders.

We hope this deal will not go down in the same procedures of the 1987 unity accord which was signed by two parties Zanu and Zapu a part which was lead by the late Dr Joshua Nkomo. ZANU and ZAPU merged into ZANU-PF in 1987 ending a bitter internal conflict that saw more than 20 000 people mainly from Matabeleland and the Midlands being massacred. Will be ZANU-PF and MDC merged into ZANU-DC? which means “Zimbabwe African National Union Democratic” I leave this question to you out there

Mr Mugabe, who has never acknowledged the onslaught of state-sponsored violence on his opponents, said: "Whatever happened is history. Let us look into the future and craft a way." Mr Mugabe cedes some of his power to Mr Tsvangirai, who is now prime minister. It was a shock to the world of the turn around of MR Mugabe. But Mr Tsvangirai reports to Mr Mugabe, who remains president and head of the Cabinet where his party has most seats, for Mr Tsvangirai while Arthur Mutambara becomes the Vice priminister a leader of a faction that broke away from Mr Tsvangirai's party.

The agreement will never stop Mugabe accuse his Britain and America. During the ceremony Mr Mugabe said “the problem which we had is the problem from the colonial power why? why? why? The British, why? why? why? America” Mugabe critics made a big question to the signed agreement. Prime Minister does not trust longtime ruler Robert Mugabe but believes he is committed to their new power-sharing deal.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Vuka Arts launches new website

Popular group, Vuka Arts has launched its very first website, available at Vuka is a Ndebele term meaning "wake up" when translated in English. The name comes as a statement and a call to everyone to wake up and face the challenges of this world. Vuka is actually doing this by creating a gateway for both young and old performers to develop their skills in a professional setting. Since its formation Vuka has kept growing and developing in skills, and now the group is recognised as an International Performing Arts Company.

What a bomb Leeds Carnival 08

The 2008 Leeds Carnival weekend was declared a success after West Yorkshire Police reported a virtually crime-free celebration. Officers from the North East Leeds Division were out and about on the streets, supporting the smooth running of the annual event and offering help and advice to the thousands of people who attended. It's one of the things which make Leeds a great city an estimated 80,000 people filled Potternewton Park and lined the surrounding streets as the feast of Caribbean fun and flavours returned for another spectacular year.