Wednesday, 14 January 2009

The Final Destination

Since its formation On October 2001 till today The Zimbabwean Association has played a key role by supporting failed Zimbabwean asylum seekers who find it so hard to deal with the UK immigration system. “Our aim is to promote the fundamental freedoms, human rights and welfare of all Zimbabweans regardless of political opinion, race, and tribe just to mention a few” said Thabani Sibanda An active member of the association in Rotherham branch. The association is looking forward to open a sub office in Sheffield at Vasty Hall for Zimbabwean community who can’t manage to travel all the way to London. “This will be a good advantage of opening an office here people like us who need a kind of assistance will be helpful and our dreams may come true” said Owen Ncube

Zim- Association has done a lot of campaigns throughout the country in supportive of asylum seekers their current problem taken from their website is since November 2004 the association have been faced with a huge increase in numbers of Zimbabwean detainees. Their focus has returned to seeking competent legal representation for those facing removal. Monitoring the situation and collecting evidence concerning returnees is now our priority. Everyone is welcomed to be the member of the association as long you come from Zimbabwe you have the right to fight for your country with the same goal.


By Simon Zonenblick

They must be liberated, those animals
maimed, molested, murdered, mutilated
to satisfy greed of bottomless bellies.

May we undermine and shatter
this multi-million pound cartel,
bung butchers on the scrapheap,
tear down and decimate
this violent “industry”
where nothing is produced, only slaughtered, destroyed,
and divert the funds bestowed
on bloodthirsty, blue-blooded hunters
to the protection of these creatures
whose planet we share.

For how long

By Nqobile Mafu

For how long shall we remain silence?
For how long shall they kill our prophets?
How long! How long
For how long shall we be still sitting?
Whilst others are demonstrating

For how long shall we kill each other?
Our brothers are still detained
Houses are burned, shops are closed
People run up and down in the streets of kwaBulawayo.

When will we stop crying, suffering and struggling?
Kuzekubenini (for how long)
Yes for how long! How long

What is our sin???

By Limukani Nyoni

We are tortured beaten raped and starved to death
We are driven out of our homes like cattle by the situation
We are forced to choose between life, death and political party
What is our sin? What is our sin?

We have been called names in different places,
In Botswana and South Africa we have been called Makwerekwere
In Europe we asylum seekers
But why? Why?
Why Zimbabweans
What is our sin?

We ran away from our government and the country’s situation
Hoping to get mercy from our neighbours
But all we get are names, labels, machetes and guns to kill us
We ran to our former colonialists who have made billions from our country
They put us in diplomatic prisons where we are not allowed to work
We are checked weekly or sometimes monthly
We are imprisoned with no release date
We are forced to abandon our responsibilities,
We are made to survive on £35 food voucher per week
What is our sin? But why?

We have tried to voice against our government but nothing’s changed
We were beaten, tortured and intimidated
We went to South Africa asking for asylum we were beaten tortured and set alight
We came to England and we were thrown into detention centres
Kulicala na ukuzilwela wena inkululeko yakho
We can’t take this anymore...........