Tuesday, 20 October 2009

What is freedom?

By Nqobile Mafu

This poem its an extract taken from "Born 2 Speak" it talks about the corruption and empty promises which were made by the government. Long back ago people where taken by force matter to go and fight for their beloved country. They were promised honey and milk but all the promises where in vain.

We live in a country where we can’t afford to buy a sweet,
not to mention a toilet roll paper.
We live in fear of persecution, we are forced to choose
what we don’t like.
We are forced to say yes when we want to say no.
We are beaten and tortured, for exercising our rights.
Reporters are arrested or even killed for telling the truth
some disappear without a trace.

Is this the meaning of freedom? Is this the meaning of freedom?
What is freedom? Kuyini inkululeko?
Or cry beloved country or cry beloved country.
This government of ours has totally destroyed,
Our beloved country.
It has totally destroyed the atmosphere,
The doctors are the dealers.
Lawyers are liars.

Yikho mina ngithi,
What is freedom?
What is the meaning of freedom?
Is freedom a play station?
Is freedom a puzzle?
What is freedom?
What is the meaning of freedom?

A Dream

A dream written by Edwin the Prince Mathe for Iqhawe Enkundleni Arts Management an PEAEP Production (2005)

A dream, a dream is a vision I saw
A dream is a thought sometimes
A dream is what you make out of life
Last night I fell asleep all because in my sleep I was thinking
So it reflected when I was sleeping what I was thinking in my sleep
This is a dream sometimes it reflects joy sometimes it reflects sadness
This is a dream sometimes it reflects strength and sometimes it reflects fear
I hoped for a better life but thought it was good for my friend
Yesterday I thought of myself rich having large sums of money
This is what reflected on my sleep that’s what I dreamt of
This is my dream

A dream is a reflection of memory when memory is lost there is no dream
A dream is sleep when sleep is disturbed there is no dream
A dream can become reality if you pursue it
It was a romantic thought I had all afternoon and when I slept love was in the air in my
Sleep so sweet was my sleep turning my thought into reality in my sleep
Sometimes dreams can be interpreted and who can interpret this one for me
I had a big dream oh the dream was big I dreamt sleeping on a very comfortable bed
Because while lying rough I thought what if I slept comfortable that is my dream

She was such a wonderful lady I thought but she’s gone she passed away
She died all day I have been thinking of all the great things she used to do
My mother was a good woman that is what I was thinking she used to correct me
Now in my thought as I sleep the thought of my sleep reflected and began
To talk to my mother who is long gone talk to her mysteries and love
She was correcting me as in real life and I marvelled at her way of taking
She did not sound any different all because I thought of her
This is my dream and this will not come true sadly