Saturday, 27 December 2008

Vuka ready 2 hit Uk by Storm

Vuka is an Ndebele term which means "wake up" when translated in English. Vuka was formed in June1999 at Thabiso Youth Centre, the home and the base of Vuka. Thabiso is found in the edge of high density suburb of Makokoba. Makokoba is Bulawayo’s oldest township and also the poorest, but the location has produced Zimbabwe greatest footballers such as the Ndlovu brothers. When it comes to arts industry we see the rise of different groups and the most popular theatre company Amakhosi.

Vuka was formed to alleviate poverty by creating a form of employment, crime prevention, but above all to create a platform for young and old performers to develop and learn skills. Today “Vuka” is growing from its roots as an international recognised performing arts Company aiming to provide facilities for creation and leisure-time in conditions of life for those who have need of such facilities.

Meanwhile Vuka and its sister group Open Minds Theatre which is based in Rotherham they are planning to bring these young youth for UK performing arts tour in the mid-2009 for numerous months from Africa. This group is composed of orphan children who don’t know their parents, some died with deadly disease AIDS. The touring manager Steve Rogers said the aim of bringing this youth cultural group is to keep them away from the streets avoiding them of becoming criminals. And to keep them busy so that they can maintain their lives. During the tour the group will work on African cultural workshops music and dance both in junior and high schools. The accommodation has already been sourced, The Yorkshire community have an opportunity to journey to the Southern Africa region for a long adventure to the heart of the world exploring traditional African music, dance and drumming.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Cholera hits Zimbabwe

More than 10 000 thousand people have been infected with cholera epidemic throughout the country, while more then 800 have died. This disease came after water shortages that have hit the country due to incompetence of the Zimbabwe national Water Authority also to the collapsing of the economy. The situation in Zimbabwe is now worse than before and it looks like they will be no change soon as a cholera outbreak spreads and basic commodity services collapse.

South African acting president Kgalema Motlanthe, on his statement quote said “Unless this root cause of the political absence of a legitimate government is solved, the situation will get worse and may implode and collapse ... It is now an urgent matter, because people are dying.” Most of people who are able to finance themselves flee to South Africa or Botswana seeking for treatment hence those who can’t afford will be waiting for their turn to come and being able to be treated.

The UN is playing a big role by helping people providing 40,000 litres of clean water each week to treatment centres in the capital.

Meanwhile Ngiyesabanews source revealed that 16 soldiers have been executed in Dzivarasekwa Barracks. After the havoc which was created by the soldiers beating up bank staff and smashing windows in the city centre of Harare
This execution was approved by the so called president Robert Mugabe and it was a warning to his opponents and people of Zimbabwe that anyone who disobey his especial those who are on the force like police and soldiers may face the same circumstances.

Mhlanga the burning fire

Cont Mhlanga’s the good president defines humanity towards the institution of leadership in the broader socio-political context. Mhlanga then uses recent events of the barbaric beatings of political leaders, opposed to President Mugabe’s rule, to guide his plot. It is a play for everyone but deliberately targeted at the political leadership as the brick and guns that binds society together.
In typical satire the play employs humour, mockery, and exaggeration to criticize the bad sides of society in dramatic style. The Good president was banned to be performed in Zimbabwe by the so called Mugabe regime. This gave doors to human rights group by keeping on condemning Mugabe by warding Mhlanga’s play first prize which worth $50,000 about £33,000

A Zimbabwean playwright who has repeatedly challenged the Mugabe regime has been honoured with international awards. Cont Mhlanga referred as “Malume” by his fellow artist which basically means uncle. His highly respected person when it comes to arts industry both local and international level. As the founder of Amakhosi theatre and the creator of Amakhosi Township Square Cultural Centre in Bulawayo which was the first of its kind in Zimbabwe in 1995. Mhlanga has produced more than 20 plays and wrote more than 3 books in his career. The Councilor of Matshiya Ward, Lupane District,