Tuesday, 3 February 2009

So Hard 2 Cope

There are a number of foreign students who find studying in Britain difficult. I have a lot of knowledge about this situation; one of the biggest issues is the weather. It is very difficult to adapt to the United Kingdom weather especially when you are from hot countries.

Ngiyesabanews talked to a number of students who are studying in the UK, and we get different views about United Kingdom weather.
Babiegal,a student from Zimbabwe said “I chose to come and study in the United Kingdom because the quality of education is high and the qualifications received is recognized all over the world. I always wished to come and learn different beliefs and the culture of people living her.” Babiegal she’s current studying Health and social care at Leeds College of Technology. “The only problem with UK its the weather. You cant concentrate with your studies while your body is feeling cold” Said Miss Hlongwane in a polite voice.“My sister, who is a nurse, invited me to visit her.

I was so happy I could not wait to come here. The first thing I noticed when I got off the plane was the weather; it was very cold and windy. I remember buying a jumper at airport because I could not stand for the weather. I found it very difficult to cope with the climate but I got used to it after a while’ said Faith Moyo.

Another student from Nigeria talked to Ngiyesabanews about his experiences, and she said “I came here in mid December and the first thing I noticed when I got here was the weather, it was very dark. I remember asking my friends, who came to pick me up in Manchester airport, I thought it was seven in the evening. But I was surprised when I realized that, the time was 4pm. The atmosphere was filled with mist and it was cold as well. I wondered how people survived in this type of weather.

Some other student have been here for a while but when it comes to winter they think of going back home, the problem is that if you run away for winter which means you are also running away for your education. I have been here for two and a half years, but I can’t cope with this weather. One minute it will be sunny, within seconds, it will be raining. You never know when it is the best time to go out. I have always carried an umbrella whenever I go out in case it rains’.

The third student I interviewed was from Botswana, a small country in Southern Africa. He said, “I came in United Kingdom in April 2004. It was summer but to me it was the same as my country in winter, because it was very cold. The first week I arrived here, I spent the whole week in doors it was so painful that I felt like I was going to die.

The weather here is very different, back home there are four seasonal changes which are; from May to July it’s winter, from August to October it’s Spring, from November to January it’s Summer and from February to April it’s Autumn. In summer it is very hot, the temperature usually reaches up to 40 degrees Celsius. It is very difficult to adapt to the United Kingdom weather when you are from a very hot country like Botswana.

A Polish student, who came to the UK on January 2005, unlike other students her story it’s totally different. She said she like the weather here and wishes Poland’s weather was the same as United Kingdom. ‘I like the weather here because people can go out any day, anytime they want and enjoy themselves. They are not forced to wear their jumpers or jerseys. She continued saying when it is winter in Poland; snow will fall for the whole season. People would not go to work; schools will be closed because of the weather. The atmosphere will become extremely cold and there will be ice and snow everywhere.

I think the United Kingdom weather is good, ever since I came here, I have been coping well and I can just wake up in the morning without forcing myself unlike in Poland. Therefore, overall, I think I have adapted to this country and I actually like the four seasons here.

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