Thursday, 9 July 2009

They leave me

This poem is taken from “Born 2 Speak” a 40th
coming attraction African anthology book by Nqobile Mafu

By Nqobile Mafu

In the life that I live,
I love so many.
Once in a while I lose someone,
they leave me here.
I carry on, it’s my life.
I move on, beyond emotions
I seek reason and all I get is sadness.
It is not acceptable, I'll never understand it.
I can never approve it.
I wonder if they imagine it
as they depart, do they ever reconcile with it?
What kind of life is it?
Life is everything, I know
that now, and loss or being dumped is part of life.
I know too, that a life without
Love is a terrible thing.
People will talk about you,
no one will recognize you,
no one will listen to you,
because you don’t have any girl friend.
but for me, they will leave me.

Death mocks love; your life,
will be covered by a shadow that,
dissolves a perfect day into a puddle of tears.
Death can step on your heart and
tear your soul, leaving you empty.

To be a broken heart is like death
I will avoid death, stress, and depression
by allowing them to leave me
they leave me I don’t care life goes on.

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