Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A Zimbabwean woman dumped her children in South Africa

Cynthia Tatenda Matingo dumped her 3 year girl and 1 year after she had that she was HIV positive. It is believed that the wife who is light in complexion, slim and tall with a small curve and small rickets from Mufakose Murivanyenze drive.
The couple who married seven years ago only lived apart after the husband relocated to South Africa and the wife who recently joined him in South Africa after giving birth to their second child Junior who became ill on arrival in South Africa. According to the husband the wife got tested and she was found to be HIV positive. The husband was tested several times and was found to be HIV negative. He even went through a PVC Test until the doctors declared them a disconnected couple.
"I accepted things and stuck to my wedding vows, only to be surprised one day last month she took off dumping the kids vowing to spread the virus". Said Baba Tracy
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