Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Stop The Deportation Of Paxina Muchengi

Paxina Muchengi Home Office references number/s: M1388096 and APPEAL NO:AA/07190/2009 Paxina Muchengi, a Zimbabwean national, who entered the UK in November, 2004 is detained at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Centre, has received removal directions and is due to be deported on Thursday 29th November, 2012. The Flight details are as follows;- Date: Thursday 29th November, 2012 Time: 21:15hrs Flight number: ET701 and ET873 HARARE ZIMBABWE VIA ADDIS ABABA Airline: ETHIOPIAN AIRWAYS Paxina’s asylum claim was refused in July 2009. She made further submissions in November, 2010 and these were refused without right of appeal in the same month. She was detained on 15th November, 2012 when she had gone to UKBA at Waterside reporting centre in Leeds in line with her reporting conditions and has now ended up at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Centre facing deportation. Over the years, in the UK, Paxina Muchengi has been a human rights activist and participated in the activities of Restoration of Human Rights (ROHR) Zimbabwe, in their Yorkshire branch. She has also participated at the Zimbabwe Vigil (a protest vigil outside the Zimbabwe Embassy, 429 Strand, London every Saturday from 14.00 - 18.00 since October 2002.) on a number of occasions. At the time of her detention, she was in the process of compiling material for submitting a fresh claim of asylum and seeking legal assistance, but this was proving difficult due to the scarcity of legal aid. Paxina’s fear of being returned to Zimbabwe is based on the persecution she faced before she left Zimbabwe and on the fact that her activism in human rights and at the Zimbabwe Vigil in the UK would make her a perfect candidate for persecution by ZANU-PF and state agents back in Zimbabwe especially so as Zimbabwe is said to be due to hold elections within the coming few months. The subsisting situation in Zimbabwe regarding human rights defenders is captured in the following reports by respectable international bodies;- Amnesty International Report on Zimbabwe, 2012 The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders Publication of an International fact-finding mission report
Zimbabwe_mission_report.pdf It is with this in mind that Paxina is asking for your assistance in fighting against her imminent deportation. TIME IS NOT ON HER SIDE. PLEASE ACT NOW!!!!! What you can do to help Due to the limited time, you are kindly being asked to focus on the Airline. Contact ETHIOPIAN AIRWAYS, particularly by phone (0207 127 9454 and 020 8745 4235) and fax (020 8745 7936) as this ties up their phone lines and sends a strong message. Urge them not to carry out the removal of Paxina Muchengi on Ethiopian Airways flight ET701 @ 21:15 (9:15pm) on Thursday 29th November from Heathrow, UK to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ask the airline to refuse to take Paxina Muchengi on their flight, explain that she is being forcibly removed against her will and that she is likely to face persecution upon arrival in Zimbabwe. If the person you speak to at the airline is unable to help, ask he/she to transfer you to someone in higher authority. Put as much pressure on this airline as you can. Point it out to them that they risk damaging their reputation by continuing as one of UKBA's deportation airlines. Yours sincerely, Panyika Anselm Karimanzira Information & Publicity Secretary ROHR Zimbabwe - UK Chapter Tel: 07538534375 E-mail: E-mail:

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