Saturday, 8 March 2014

Oh, What A Blessed Night

By Nqobile Mafu > It was an amazing night courtesy of The Zimbabwe Mission Fundraising Concert. The Praise Night concert started at a low tempo; although the aim was achieved by having a way of warming the heart, even when the temperatures outdoors turned bitterly cold. UBBYIC(United Beautiful Blessed Youth In Christ) organised a vivid fundraising festival of vibrant praise, for a new church which will be launched on the end of the month. On Saturday night, "His presence came down," a mixture of classical, gospel and contemporary music filled The Livingstone Apostolic Faith Ministries. Sister Pamela danced” like David before The Lord,” one of the audience stated that” she reminds me of back home in Africa, the way she danced. The technique which was used in terms of fundraising was superb. The organisers managed to persuade everyone to buy something, even a tiny bottle of water. “The concert was that good, it took me to another dimension. The Zim mission is going to be a life changing experience with the Lord, and people shall see” Said Junior Pastor Boris. An overflowing crowd enjoyed a medley of classical music from the guest artist Brother Ronald who came all the way from Crowley. Brother Ronald, who stayed in Leeds for 5 years, loves God. That’s why when he was invited he didn’t hesitate to come and perform his best song. > A duet by Brother Ian and Sister Primrose took the worship to another level. A small army of UBBYIC members dressed in orange t shirts and Black trousers, and members of the HYDRO(who flow with The Spirit of The Lord) , joined Brother Ian and Sister Primrose in the pulpit. The Doors of heaven were opened, and the Holy Spirit poured forth. Tears flowed. It was an emotional atmosphere. God was doing his thing, for which we give Him the Glory! "God has moved in my life since I came here last year," said Brother John, who added, "I didn't come here to preach. I'm gonna sing." Brother John sang a sedate version of "Hosanna in the Highest ," bringing the congregation to their feet and sending them into rapturous outbreaks of Tongues. The concert was well organised. A beautiful performance incorporating individuals and a solo from Guitarist Farai who blended the music.
By the time the curtain came down, pastor Tando was touched by Brother Ian’s performance, with the Pastors words of wisdom being ushered by the Lord “Ian, Keep on doing what you are doing, because each time you sing, your life changes” said Pastor Tando. Brother Ian was shocked when the pastor spoke to him in front of the packed hall. Pastor Tando went on to say “really, keep on singing. God is God, and you are able in what you are doing. Praise Night managed to raise approximately £1000, which will be used to fund the opening of The Livingstone Apostolic Faith Ministries Zimbabwe, which will be launched on the 30th of March 2014.

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