Sunday, 8 November 2015

The fight goes on at Leeds City College

By Nqobile "Q" Mafu
I don’t know who to blame in this situation of the job cuts, either the government or the politician. The fight goes on at Leeds City College more staff are being pushed away by the voluntary redundancy system with has been implemented since last year. The voluntary redundancy second phase has brought hatred in the campus. Ngiyesabanews may reveal that most people who are affected have received a big pay cut. One of the staff state that what is happening is inhuman “On my case they have cut my salary up to 75% and I have been offered a part time job.” also stated that they have cut his hours from 37 hours per week to 15 hours this is bizarre. The secretary of Leeds Unison Brian Mulvey state that “The situation is unique they been cuts for the past 5 years and these cuts are destroying the image of the College.” The Unison will try to help its members by giving them advice and try to put those who are affected back to work. The University and College Union (UCU) said that 293 members of staff will be affected by the changes, which include creating 176 new full-time equivalent roles, and warns some face being forced to take a pay cut. This system is killing the future of the college. Some tutors are depressed and stressed because they work hard to make students achieve their of the staff said “we have been intimidated and pushed in a corner.” Now tutors are responsible of safeguarding, while the management is trying to get the job done with less people. “In this new system we will not need any references from the student, which means we will just take anyone without knowing the students background” said one of the admin staff. The majority of cuts will be in non-teaching areas of the college, but it said it was refining “a small number” of curriculum posts in under-recruited courses. It said the cuts were necessary to save £2.83m lost in Government funding. Ngiyesabanews may reveal that the management is creating hatred within the staff members and this is a dived rule.The most horrible and hectic thing is that why some of the department has been not touched? The management failed to comment on this question.

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