Thursday, 28 January 2016

Eritrean Hoax story

Kenyans have received the news of mandatory polygamy by men in Eritrea with a mix of bewilderment and excitement. Activists have posted a memo allegedly by the Government of Eritrea asking men to marry at least two wives due to acute shortage of men occasioned by casualties during the civil war with Ethiopia, which has been shared across Africa, In the statement written in Arabic assures of government support to the polygamous marriages. The activists translate it thus, "Based on the law of God in polygamy, and given the circumstances in which the country is experiencing in terms of men shortage, the Eritrean department of Religious Affairs has decided on the following .” First that every man shall marry at least two women and the man who refuses to do so shall be subjected to life imprisonment with hard labour. According to ngiyesabanews findings the story was a prank and this has upset Eritrean officials. Some men have commented on social media such as Facebook and Twitter that they are ready to travel to Eritrea to find a new wife.
All this started by Crazy Monday publishers, which is well known for its focus on scandalous stories and gossip as part of an attempt to attract a younger readership, says Mathias Muindi from the BBC's media monitoring service.

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