Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Forget about Bolly/Nollywood

Forget about Hollywood The minister of information, Media and Broadcasting Services Chris Mushowe has described Bulawayo as our own Bulawood because of how art has been produced since the early days of Amakhosi Theatre. The minister was at the premiere of a new play entitled Ben 10 by Christopher Mlalazi. “After watching the play its true that Bulawayo is the home of content so we should not worry about Bollywood or Nollywood because the content is here in Bulawayo. The play was written by German based award winning author, playwright Chris Mlalazi and directed by veteran actor and director Memory Kumbota. It has a cast of eight aspiring and upcoming young actors and actresses. The Ben 10 is a story of a successful business woman in the township who falls in love and gets married to a young man .She assists him to get a good university education, while she herself has a low one. Suddenly, her business hits a spot of trouble; she is bankrupt and also betrayed by somebody very close to her. The minister was over the moon and he encourages other theatre groups to produce more plays and one day they will reach their destiny and archive their goals

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