Thursday, 14 April 2016

Durban Woman Claims That Beyonce She Is Her Biological Daughter

Could Beyonce actually be a Zulu Woman - Well, a Durban woman certainly thinks Beyonce is her daughter - Given the dance moves, who would dispute this. The woman claims she worked in a hotel in 1984 as a waitress, where she gave birth to the pop star during the apartheid era. The woman claims an American couple offered to adopt her and give her a better life. According to the woman, Beyonce's birth name is Busisiwe, but the American parents changed it to Beyonce. After so many years, the woman has asked for the audience of a her daughter. She says she wants her to come home, and see her ancestors resting place. She claims her heart breaks every time she sees the icon on TV, as she knows it is her daughter. The visibly distraught woman says she does not want her daughter's money, and just wants to love her, and have contact with her daughter. JOHANNESBURG - Comedian Thenjiwe Moseley’s latest video has been trending the whole of Thursday morning. In the video Thenjiwe claims she is Beyonce’s biological mother and wants her to come back home to KwaMashu in Durban.

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