Tuesday, 12 December 2017

All set for Music and Arts lovers in Harare & BLues

All is set for R'n'B artist Plaxedes Wenyika's show Scheduled for Alliance Francaise in Harare. The show, which is dubbed Loved-up, will be held on Friday. The event is scheduled to kick-start at 7pm and the singer is hyped to charm audiences, as she sees this as an opportunity to interact and appreciate love from her fans. Wenyika is best known for her much-appreciated album Tisaparadzane, which was her most successful album and she is one of the pioneers of the urban grooves music genre on the local scene. She said the show was dubbed Loved-up, because she saw it as a way to reconnect with her legion of followers through love songs. Tickets for the show are pegged at $10 and people can access them using EcoCash. Wenyika said people could buy copies of her recent album at the show and they should expect the best. Songs on the album include Ndichange Ndinewe, Whatever It Takes, Nobody, Chishuwo Changu, Give Me Your Love, Waiva Wangu, Mind Games, Beautiful Song which features Ex Q and was produced by DJ Tamuka, as well as Now I Know.
Meanwhile as we were looking for our popular Ibumba festival in Bulawayo this year so which means Intwasa extra will be an attraction during the festive season. ORGANISERS of Bulawayo’s premier annual arts event, Intwasa Arts Festival ko Bulawayo, have, this year, organised a special spill over fete which is meant to welcome and celebrate the country’s new political order. “Intwasa Extra will take place from the 28th to the 31st of December 2017 in Bulawayo. The four day arts extravaganza coming under the theme “Celebrating a New Era” is basically a festive season festival bonus prepared especially for regular festival audiences and those that missed the September fiesta. But most importantly, it is to celebrate Zimbabwean people’s resilience against hardships and welcoming the new feeling of hope that has engulfed the country,” said Raisedon Baya, the festival’s Director. Baya said the four day event is also meant to celebrate human creativity and diversity, empower women and young people through arts as well as provide new markets and collaborative opportunities for local artists and technical people. “The organisers are also using this opportunity to bring the comedy night which, due to unforeseen circumstances, did not take place in September. Intwasa Extra will be using about six arts genres, namely theatre, music, poetry, comedy, dance and arts and craft to celebrate with the rest of the country,” said Baya

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