Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Rest In Peace Moyo's

As the social media buzzy with the sad news of our fellow artist who was gunned down in Emnganwini surbubs has passed away. MaPecca, travelled the world with Siyaya, getting to perform at the world’s best venues. Constantly on the road, with his friends or brothers rather, MaPecca felt he needed more than just a life of entertaining masses, he sought to settle down. Women’s knees always jellied in his presence, they always melted whenever they saw his smile. As if fate had heard his silent whispers, Cupid struck him with his love’s arrow and he married a woman, whom he believed would love him till the end of time. But alas the sisters of fate, with their enchanted tapestry and all seeing eye, wove a different path with their shrivelled fingers for MaPecca and his wife Jacqueline Chesigelenaso (Banda) Moyo. Married for more than a decade and with three children, the union has evidently collapsed, with mention of last week’s incident, where MaPecca was shot and hospitalised by his alleged wife’s lover Oricious “Oros” Moyo, a well-known malayitsha who owns and runs a fast food outlet in the city. He last story from MaPecca MaPecca suspected his wife was having an affair and decided to investigate. He said on the night he was shot, he trailed his wife from work, where she is ironically employed by her alleged lover. He said he followed her to where she met with her alleged lover in Emakhandeni suburb, where they then drove to his house in Emganwini. Reiterating the series of events as they unfolded he said the day before he caught them his quest was unsuccessful, as he lost track of her in traffic along the way. “On Monday I tried to tail her but lost her along the way. It was then on Tuesday that fate would have it that I came face to face with the man I believed to be just her employer. She got off work between 9.30pm and 10pm and got a ride from one of her workmates husband’s car. They dropped her off at 6th Avenue, where I then assumed she would catch a kombi home to Gwabalanda but no, she got into a Cowdray Park suburb bound kombi. She dropped off in Emakhandeni near the cricket club and got into a small vehicle . . . a Vista. I, in the company of a friend in a vehicle we had hired to tail them, and then followed the car to Emganwini, where I was shot,” said MaPecca. He said once the vehicle in which his wife and alleged lover drew to a stop by the house, he asked his friends to park at a safe location and took it upon himself to confront them. “I don’t want to lie, I was agitated and my nerves were wrecking me. I needed some sort of closure and this was it. I walked up to the car on the passenger side, where my wife was seated. I knocked on the window, which she didn’t open, then I decided to open the rear passenger door. There I then asked him (Oricious) what he was doing with my wife. I turned the question to my wife as well and they were both mum. “Needing closure I knelt on the ground to ask them what was going on and that is the precise moment he turned the ignition of the car on and shifted the gear . . . I can’t remember to what level but I remember grabbing the door and clinging on it, as they tried to drive off. After that all I remember is hearing a loud crack and a sharp pain in my abdomen, before I fell to the ground. They then sped off and left me for dead,” said MaPecca. After being hospitalised MaPecca says he was shocked to wake up to the police accusing him and wanting to charge him with a crime (attempted robbery), which he says is a misconception, composed by his wife’s lover to hide the crime. In this whole complicated scenario, where is the wife? Lying low, perhaps waiting for the dust to settle and has been barred not by family but MaPecca from visiting him in hospital.

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