Wednesday, 16 May 2018

10. Questions with Future Dube of Khaya Arts

By Nqobile Mafu

We are delighted again, for BAA now in its second year; they recognise the very best of Bulawayo Arts Industry. The ceremony is taking place on May 26, 2018 at the Large City Hall. On the night, 50 awards will be given away to deserving winners. The night will also feature high quality entertainment by both nominees and selected artists from Bulawayo Good luck to all of the nominees, as we count down for the red carpet ngiyesabanews interviewed one of the nominees.

1. Ngiyesabanews: Pliz can yu tell us a bit about yourself/background?
Khaya Arts: my name is Future Dube the director and founder of khaya arts. I was born and bred in Bulawayo on the 29th of September 1984.I did my primary level at Queen Elizabeth 11 and my higher education at Mandwandwe high school. I started arts when I was in primary after inspired by our after school drama club since then I haven’t looked back.

2. Ngiyesabanews: What jobs have you done other than being an artist?
Khaya Arts: I have never done any job beside arts in my past career as an artist I have worked with Simunye Simunye arts and Black Umfolosi

3. Ngiyesabanews: We understand that it has been a hard and long journey as an artist how true is that?
Khaya Arts: it’s true because arts in my country is not recognised as an industry but it’s just like a hobby to other people also it’s hard to break through because of the propaganda I think you know what I am talking about kkkkkkkkkkk

4. Ngiyesabanews: Tell us about your nomination of BAA awards?
Khaya Arts: it’s our first time to be nominated and a great achievement to me and khaya arts at large. We have been trying for the past years to be recognised at the national merit awards but this time we made it. this will play a big role for our CV.

5. Ngiyesabanews: What do you like the most about BAA awards?
Khaya Arts: First, it is for us by us. You get to walk on the red carpet at your doorstep

6. Ngiyesabanews: Name 3 artists you would like to be compare with?
Khaya Arts: kkkkkkk I didn't see that coming, that’s a tight one no comment

7. Ngiyesabanews: When are you launching your new production and what are you promising your fans?
Khaya Arts: To our fans, Khaya arts will never be the same again and we are working hard to give them quality entertainment and more surprises and productions are on the way

8. Ngiyesabanews: What challenges do you face in arts industry?
Khaya Arts: Lack of funding and sponsorship also we need full support from our parents and the whole community.

9. Ngiyesabanews: where can fans access your products?
Khaya Arts: They can log on to our website or our Facebook khaya arts productions twitter @khayaartszw

10. Ngiyesabanews: What advice do you have for young upcoming artist?
Khaya Arts: They need to be strong coz it’s not an easy road at all

Thank you future it was nice chatting with you. ngiyesabanews wish you a good luck hope you will get the award as you are nominated in 2 categories. We urge your supporters and followers to vote for Khaya Arts and make their dream a reality.

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